Fiji 2014

And so our journey begins. . . 

We boarded this cool plane. . . 

and landed here during a storm.

The nicest Fijian woman rubbed my back on the descent and landing because I started to get sick from the turbulence.

After waiting 3 hours, the Port Authority deemed it was safe to sail across the ocean to get to our island during a torrential storm.  

Truly was the scariest 2 hours of my life.  Everyone on the boat were so excited about being on the boat and then about 8 minutes into the boat ride, everyone was dead silent.  Everyone but me-  I was crying and begging to get off the boat as I became violently ill.  It was as if the boat was being swallowed by the water.  

Even though we were being serenaded as we left the I boat, I had to be escorted off the boat because I could not walk.  We went straight to our room and took a nap.  We then woke up a little green but in time to enjoy the most beautiful south pacific sunset.   

Fiji consists of more than 900 islands and is considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  

We would have to agree.  We woke up to warm weather, calm waters and very clear skies.  We spent our days snorkeling in the clear waters.  There is an abundance of coral to explore.  

Beautiful 85 degree water just steps from our door.  

Fiji is a beautiful destination for a relaxing holiday.  

Ordered fish and I got a fish.  

Steve walking on the dock.  

This picture is for my mom as the calendar of events shows Hydroponics at 10:30.  

The Sunsets were amazing.
Steve was trying out different lights and stages of the sunsets.  

We enjoyed the simplicity of living on the island.  With no cement roads, cars,  tv, or air conditioning, it was amazing to just enjoy the beauty of the island.  

The night sky was amazing to look up and see all the stars!

This is the runway on the island. We found the Fijians to be some of the 
friendliest people of the Earth.  
Tons of Monkey Bats on the island. 

 Very interesting to watch them leave at sunset and come back to sleep in the morning in this tree.  
Our view just steps from our door.  

As the sun set, we enjoyed watching the beautiful colors being showcased across the sky.

With our last South Pacific sunset. . . We were off to New Zealand.  

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