Steven turns 14

14 Reasons WE Truly LOVE This 14 year old Teenager:

1.  Stevie is dedicated to doing his best in school.
2.  He plays chess with Marky.
3.  He is an honorable Boy Scout (just earned LIFE).
4.  He is learning and striving to be a good person-  I mean Super Hero.

5.  He is open to experiencing new things.
6.  He likes his sauces.

7.  He gave a great talk in church on Boy Scouting.
8.  He loves learning about U.S. history and traveling with Steve to D.C.

9.  He is a good "cooker" (especially Tuna Melts and late night snack pizzas).

10.  Steven is enjoying golfing and mountain biking with Steve.

11.  Loves his big brother and especially this tweet by Matt:
Shout out to my brother Stevie for getting his Life award and being one step closer to Eagle

12.  He is enjoying Confirmation and exploring his spirituality.
13. He is creative (right now he is building forts with Marky using every blanket and pillow in the house).
14. He is a good leader by coaching Marky's basketball team and being the Den Chief to Marky's den.

Yes, we LOVE being this BOY's Parents.

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