New Years Eve 2013

Our New Years Eve celebration started out a little shaky.  My father fell and broke his hip.  A portion of our New Years Eve celebration was spent at the hospital.  

We came home quickly to get dinner ready.  It started a little later than we had planned, but made it easier for the little ones to stay up till midnight.

 We began prepping for a Low Country Boil. . . 

We did something different this year.  Usually we do appetizers all night long and then play Fear Factor and Minute to Win It games.  

Sometimes it can be a little challenging to find activities/food that all ages will like since we have such an age span.  

With crab being in season right now, we all enjoyed cracking open our crab.  

We then followed dinner with a game of Night Ultimate Frisbee.  

These cousins dominated.  

It was freezing.  I had on about 5 puffy layers.  The boys eventually took off their layers.  I guess kids do not feel the cold.  

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