Vienna Part 2

My favorite part of the trip was visiting the Sisi Museum.   I loved learning about this controversial empress.  As you walked through the different rooms of the museum, you walked through the life of Sisi.  This was such an enjoyable way to visit a museum. It really allowed for you to feel like you were a part of the Royal Family.

It was one of the best museum visits I have ever visited,  because it told the story of Sisi's life beginning at childhood.  It was an amazing way to learn about the Austrian Empire.

The amazing portraits of Sisi on display were extraordinary.  It was interesting to learn about all the things she did to maintain her beauty.  I felt for this young woman who was thrown into royalty life without knowing or understanding the restrictions and protocol that would be placed upon her and have a complete loss of identity and spirit.

I felt for her as a mother who lost a child to Typhoid Fever.  I can't imagine having to live through something like that and especially to experience such loss and grief as a monarchy, expected not to show any grief.  I felt like I could understand her rebellion against court ceremonial (all the things that were expected of you that you did not ask for). 

The splendor and the vast richness of the Austrian Empire is incomprehensible. 

Loved exploring the streets of Vienna.  I love just taking off and wandering all the narrow cobblestone streets.  Love just experiencing a city. 

It rained a little when I was out.  I wandered in and out of the cathedrals to escape the down pour.  There was a live concert in all the chapels that I walked into. 

The Schonbrunn. . .

On the day we went, it was rainy, but still magnificent. 
It was built to replicate Versailles and I enjoyed it so much more than Versailles.

The grounds were extraordinary. 
I just can not get over the grandeur and wealth of the Austrian Empire. 

The Schonbrunn was so much better than Versailles because you did not have the crowds of Versailles and they told the story of the Austrian Royal Family.  You moved through the rooms of the Palace as if you were a member of the Royal Family. 

The grounds were amazing.  Made me want to redo our back yard. 

Steve and I on a midnight walk through the city.  Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited.  The people were friendly, not too crowded, and the architecture is amazing. 

Other highlights:

The Naschmarket.  Had the best wiener schnitzel. 

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