Another milestone. . .

Can hardly believe that my cute, cherub little girl has graduated from elementary school and heading to junior high. 

 I feel that once they start junior high that time seems to go at an accelerated speed.
Chelsea was a part of the inaugural group of kids that were selected for the National Honor Society.  

This is Chelsea receiving her Presidential Award.  After Stevie received his, she worked very hard to receive that award. 

She was soo excited to get that award.  Chelsea is a hard worker.  So proud of her for being motivated and driven to do well at school    

Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.”   So grateful she has the courage to work hard and reach her goals.  

The moms "excitedly" waiting (not sure for what).  We sure enjoyed sitting by each other.    

Marky ditched kinder for a little bit to watch Chelsea.  He got to sit by his favorite "girlfriend."

With Principal Heidi Smith. 

Seven tips that I would say to Chelsea (hopefully she will read) about going to middle school.  
- Have courage
-  Be joyous
-  Be friends with different kinds of people
-  Be kind to everyone
- Work hard 
- Smile and say hi

Chelsea with her sweet friends since kindergarten. 

Having fun at the 5th grade picnic. 

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