The Crash

 Our sweet Marky was in a horrific bike crash.  I don't think I can yet write down the details because it was so traumatic.  I think I still have post-traumatic syndrome. 
Marky was so lethargic, the doctos ordered for him to be transfered him from Urgent Care to the ER by ambulance.  That 3 minute car ride cost $1500.
Trying to excite Marky about the ambulance ride. 
 He perked up a little bit once we were in the ambulance. 
He sang the ABC's and was able to talk at that time. 

When the plastic surgeon came in to stitch Marky up, I had to leave.  I was standing outside the room crying.  Steve stayed inside and held Marky's hand.  Grateful that Steve was there.  Dr. Fazilat's  knew our neighbors and Marky's best friends pretty well.  That was a nice surprise. 

We live in a wonderful place.  Our friends are amazing.  Mrs. Martincic had all the kids write letters to Marky.  They also made him a big poster.  Marky read and reread all those sweet notes.  All of the families around us, were so sweet to bring gifts and treats as Marky was healing. 

Marky stayed home from school for a couple of weeks to heal from his concussion. 
He had friends visiting him and bringing treats. 

Marky and I had home science days and went to a play to see Hansel and Gretel. 
 He learned how to play chess. 

We joined his kinder class on the fieldtrip to Safeway which is the best fieldtrip ever.

The kids learned about the florist department and how balloons are filled with helium. 

They felt how cold the freezer and what temperature it needs to be to keep the food cold.

 They discussed their favorite ice-cream flavors. 

These cute kids got to go inside the big refrigerators.  Marky said the "best thing of the fieldtrip is the place where the big truck backs into the store and unloads the food."

When he finally went back to school, he wore a helmet to protect his head from being hit again. 

Here is Marky with Chester, getting ready to get his stitches out. 

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