Senior Lacrosse Day

 We enjoyed watching Matt learn and play the game during the last couple of years. 

Love this picture of Matt calling a play. 

Matt worked really hard the past year to improve his skills.  We enjoyed watching him setting goals and working really hard to achieve them.   

This is a collage of the 4 seniors on the team. 
 Then with one game, Matt's high school lacrosse career ended.   
It was sad for the Seniors

We have enjoyed being a part of the lacrosse community.  Great young men with amazing futures. 

Walking one last time off the field. 
At the beginning of the last home game, the Seniors were honored. 
Parents got to walk on the field and have a "moment."  I was holding back tears as
 I walked on the field. 

This innocent picture ended up causing me a lot of grief. 
 I had to explain that Matt and I are standing with his coach. 
Grandparents came to enjoy the game
 and the cousins. 

Johnathon and Bill came to a few of the games.  Stevie always enjoys spending time with Johnathon. 

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