Southern California Cousin Time

When the cousins came for a visit, they enjoyed Matt's world famous popcorn.

And of course, when the cousins are in town we need to pull out every single lego bin and search for the perfect piece to finish off the Star Wars ship. 

We spent a lot of time playing in huge cardboard boxes.  They made mini mansions and even had a movie theater room. 


Three out of the four cousins who were all the born the same year. 

And all the cousins together for a quick family picture.  Chelsea and Kate sticking together admist all the boys.  Little George is the cutest!    

Sad that my brother has moved out of state, but glad we got to see him and his cute kids for a weekend. 
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Mother's Day 2013

I got to spend Mother's Day with these great kids.  I spent the day thinking quite a bit of the mothers that have come before me.  I am grateful for my mother, grandmothers, aunts, sister-in laws, and friends who are all great mothers.  I feel blessed to have surrounded myself with woman who are passionate about their role as a mother.  
And with a BBQ with my mother (which she did all the work). 
My brother Sam and his family was in town with his family.  So fun to see them and have time for the cousins to all play together. 

These cutie pies are just a few months apart.  So fun that the get to have fun memories of spending time together. 

A picture with all the cousins. Just missing our East Coast cousins. 

Loving Marky with the Cystal Light Face.  He only gets that when he is having dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  

Marky sharing with me his gift he made at school

and the card he made me.  He is so cute!!


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Senior Lacrosse Day

 We enjoyed watching Matt learn and play the game during the last couple of years. 

Love this picture of Matt calling a play. 

Matt worked really hard the past year to improve his skills.  We enjoyed watching him setting goals and working really hard to achieve them.   

This is a collage of the 4 seniors on the team. 
 Then with one game, Matt's high school lacrosse career ended.   
It was sad for the Seniors

We have enjoyed being a part of the lacrosse community.  Great young men with amazing futures. 

Walking one last time off the field. 
At the beginning of the last home game, the Seniors were honored. 
Parents got to walk on the field and have a "moment."  I was holding back tears as
 I walked on the field. 

This innocent picture ended up causing me a lot of grief. 
 I had to explain that Matt and I are standing with his coach. 
Grandparents came to enjoy the game
 and the cousins. 

Johnathon and Bill came to a few of the games.  Stevie always enjoys spending time with Johnathon. 
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Senior Prom

Matt went to the Senior Prom in May. 

Matt and his cute date from the neighboring high school. 
Chester had to join the fun. 

Yes, I made them pose in the awkward Prom pose. 

Of course, I have to have a picture of Tori with Chester. 
For old times sake, a cute picture of Matt and Tori. 
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Stevie Lacrosse Season 2013

Stevie decided to play on the "A team" for the Tomahawks this year. 
He really wanted to be on a "winning" team and play with his buddy.

The Tomahawks went into their championship tournament ranked 4th in Northern California. 
 It was a great season for these boys. 
Stevie worked hard all year on building his skills and went to every practice full of full energy.  We enjoyed watching Stevie really become passionate about an activity and
work hard to improve his skills. 

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