San Francisco in December

We spent a cold day in San Francisco.  Right when we got out of the car to walk to the Golden Gate, it started to rain.  We were grateful that it was still clear to get some great pictures of The Bridge. 

Aunt Katherine came to spend a few days with us. 
We so enjoyed catching up with her and enjoying her fun, beautiful personality. 

Matt thinks his aunt is pretty cool. 

We made a quick trip to the pier to get clam chowder. 

At the very large Macy's tree. 

A little shopping at Pier 39. 

Our heart is definitely in San Francisco. 

Trying to keep random people out of our picture. 

Steve was trying to find a parking spot, while we were enjoying ourselves walking around.  It was one of the busiest weekends in San Francisco. 

Then we hopped on to a cable car for some Cable Car Caroling. 

The junior high boys (and Marky) being junior high boys.

Brother and sister enjoying some Christmas spirit. 

Handsome picture of Matt. 

A Santa sighting was a huge hit.  Especially, since he was on a motorcycle.  He actually stopped traffic to come see Marky in the crosswalk. 

At the top of the Macys building. 

Katherine came to watch Matt sing in church.  We LOVED being around her energy and spending time with her. 




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