Marky Birthday Party

We celebrated Marky's 6th birthday in our backyard.  He had been counting down the days and couldn't wait to turn 6.  

Valentine's Day was on a Thursday this year.  We were able to hold his party on his actual birthday.  We met all of his friends at school and walked over to our house.

Steve and Stevie made a gigantic racetrack that covered the entire backyard.
Add a jumper and you have a fabulous time.

The kids dined on chicken nuggets, jam sandwiches, apples and goldfish.  

Marky wore his birthday hat for two days.  

Chelsea and Mo ran the games.  

Marky and Khloe eager to be the volunteer.  

Sharing a little laugh with a friend. 

Loving this picture.  

Pure excitement and joy.  

Stevie just as excited to open the gifts of legos.  

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