California Cousin Time

We love when our California Cousins come to visit.  Three extra cute boys around the house is always a good thing.

The boys sure love when reinforcements come to town. 

And of course, the girl cousins must stick together. 
Matt enjoying time with Uncle Sam.
Trying to get 4 cousins together for a trampoline shot was a little tough. 
Yes, I did say 4 cousins. 
As you can see, I was having a tough time getting everyone to look at the camera. 

The middle cousins. . . 

Best Cousins!

Nice Sister-in-Love time. 
 Nice to see my younger brother and his adorable family.  We love them and wish they lived closer.  Sam and Kelly are such great parents and make the cutest kids. 
 Henry wasn't quite in the mood to be in the pictures.  ;)

After much coaxing, he agreed to give us one shot.   

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