Matt's 18th Birthday

Matt's 18th Birthday Party!

Matt did not want much for a celebration.  I wanted to throw him a big Harry Potter themed party with all of his friends.  Had all the food catered, great trivia game, etc. . . .
Matt just wanted the Mulliner famous chocolate cake and chill at home. 
We had his favorite dinner:  steak, stuffed potatoes, and caesar salad. 

Hmmmm, Grandma thought he needed a skeleton. . .
Yes, the famous chocolate cake.  It was quite yummy!!
On his acutal birthday, 10/27/12, Matt tailgated with a bunch of friends at the Stanford game.  Peter did feel the need to make the birthday special by bringing in the American Flag as a prop. 
Even though Matt says that he does NOT like Stanford, he did spend his very important
18th birthday with the Cardinals. 

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