Christmas Morning

The kids excitedly wait on the stairs to come down.  Tommy was also very excited to get up.  The teenager had not made an appearance yet.  

Santa brought Matt an ITunes gift card, Stevie new rollerblades, Chelsea a baton, and Marky a Skylanders set.  The kids were very happy.  

Marky was so excited to get the Skylanders.

Stevie made a Star Wars Lego ship kit for Marky.  It had pictures and instructions.  

 The tag was the "best."

Marky's reaction on opening the gift.  

Marky got Matt a big box of popcorn.  Matt was very excited about this gift.  

 Matt was also excited about Marky's Batman gift.  Matt would have loved this when he was little.  

My parents came up for the morning for breakfast and Tommy found himself a nice lap to sit on.  


Steve carving the ham.  

The boys in the garage enjoying some R&R after a big Christmas dinner.  

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