Barcelona: Anniversary Celebration

Steve and I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit the past year.  We have enjoyed trips to Paris, Dubai, and most recently to Barcelona. 

An opportunity came up to tag along with Steve to Barcelona in September. 
This is my new favorite city. 

We arrived in the morning and rallied to begin our of the city. 
Our first stop was La Sagrada Familia

I walked in and had to sit down for a few moments to take in the beauty. 

The camera can not capture the beauty of this place. 

We were just in awe of Gaudi's masterpieces.  This stop inspired me to spend the rest of the week exploring all of Gaudi's works. 

After visiting La Sagrada Familia, we began to walk around the City without a map. 

Enjoyed the locals playing bocci ball on a Sunday afternoon. 
We ended up walking around the entire city and didn't realize it until we got home
and looked at a map.

 Enjoying paella in a local restaurant. 
We were so exhausted.  Couldn't wait to get to sleep. 
 Gardens and Palace across the street from our hotel. 

Spent a day exploring Parc Guell.
 I was memorized by Gaudi's attention to detail. 

He was amusing at times. 

Steve and I went to La Predera.  Again, I could not even begin to absorb all the details.  Gaudi is a Genius!!

My favorite Gaudi architecture is Palau Guell.  I spent hours in the house.   The exterior of the house seems so unassuming (besides the iron gates), I had no idea the inside was so spectacular. 
To experience all of Gaudi's intricate engineering and artistry and then walk up and see these chimneys made me laugh. 
All the tourist information seem to downplay Palau Guell compared to the other Gaudi sites.  This by far was my favorite building of Gaudi.  It seemed to really capture his creative genius. 
The Market was beautiful!  Could not get over the beautiful assortment of produce, meats, eggs, juices, and all things food. 


The Cathedral is magnificent.  How incredible it would be to attend church on Sunday in one of these buildings. 
Enjoyed learning about Saint Eulalia who is entombed in the cathedral's crypt.
While we were there, Catalonia celebrated their Independence Day. 
All around the city everyone was coming to the center of the city dressed like this. 
The entire city shut down, so I spent my day here and ordered in. 
My feet were so sore.  It was such a nice respite.
Loved visiting the Museum of National Art of Catulunya.
We spent our anniversary at a Tapas Bar
and walking the streets of Barcelona listening to the street musicians.

Steve had meetings my last night in Barcelona.  I went to La Pepita recommended by the hotel staff.  Enjoyed a glass of Sangria with the locals.


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