Steve's Birthday Reunion

This year, even though we can think of hundreds of reasons why we love Steve, we put 46 of them on 46 balloons and decorated the house.  Here is the link to the list of 46 reasons. 

We then put them outside underneath the arbor for decoration for our "sort-of" surprise party. 

I had arranged for the original Intel gang to get together for a reunion. 

Steve knew people were coming over, but didn't know who.  The surprise part of the party were the guests. 

Matt was the M.C. and explained that since I could not think of a gift for Steve, I planned an evening with his friends. 

Chelsea was the entertainment reading an original poem for Steve titled, "Daddy."


Everyone listening to Matt making a toast to Steve. 



Of course, my mom had to say a few words.  They were very nice words I might add.

Love Matt's gift of words and his humor.  He gave such a wonderful toast.

A Birthday kiss captured. 

My mother made 4 pies for Steve.  They were a big hit with everyone. 

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