Happy Birthday Steve!

So to honor tradition. . .  Here are 46 reasons why we LOVE, ADORE, and APPRECIATE Steve!!!
1. He works hard to give us a wonderful life.
2. He reads stories to us.
3.  He is smart.
4.  He plays with us.
5.  He plays board games with us.
6.  He helps us when we need help.
7.   He is a big saver.
8.  He says prayers with us.

9.  He helps us with homework.
10.  He is grateful for his family and everything around him.
11. He loves us so much.
12.  He is always willing to help others.
13.  He wears cozy pants after work.
14.  He turns off lights and encourages us to do the same.
15.  He likes to have fun with family.

16.  He thinks a lot about big decisions.
17.  He makes and eats pasta A LOT.
18.  He supports our decisions and helps us come to a decision.
19. He talks a lot about sports.
20.  He sets a good example.
21.  He tries to be healthy and drinks "Green Drink" everyday.
22.  My Dad knows what is good for us.
23.  He's very hard working.
24.  He takes care of Uncle Ronnie.

25.  He has so many good stories to tell.
26.  He makes us laugh.
27.  He is always in a good mood.
28.  He never complains.
29.  He loves his family so much.
30.  He would do anything for his family.
31.  He has a kind, loving spirit.

32.  He is so dreamy.
33.  He makes me Green Drink every morning.
34.  He named the Red Rocket.
35.  He takes us to church each week.
36.  He enjoys talking about history.
37.  He likes to learn new things.
38.  He goes to all of our games (a lot of the time with his "Mini-Me").

39.   He does not waste water.
40.  He is nice to us.
41.  He loves to be a Father. 

42.  He works in the garage with me. 
43.  He is always encouraging us to be the best we can be.
44.  He can fix anything around the house.
45.  I want to grow up and be like him.
46.  He likes to take us on adventures.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Steve.

    I love the list. What a wonderful guy!!