Fourth Of July

We had such a great time with cousins on Fourth of July.  This holiday will be in multiple posts, since my camera battery died and I did not get the Belly Flop Contest or the amazing dinner that my parents made.  My mother went overboard with dinner.  We told her to go easy, but my mother went all out with the most delicious food.  Hoping I can steal my amazing sister-in-love Sheila's pictures who is an amazing photographer.  We also went to a block party in the neighborhood during the evening and had the most amazing time.  Still need to edit those pictures. 

Matt showing the cousins how you jump off the diving board. 

Jumping in all excited for the penny dive.
Discussing Strategy.

Counting the pennies

The boys too cool for school. 

Marky is LOVING the Rootbeer Floats while Cute Kate looks on.

Marky and Cute Kate got the bread dip and bread and moved to their own spot. 

You can tell they were very excited about the food. 

Sheila's famous 5-7 layer dip. 

Marky and Kate played together the whole time. 

Marky and Kate anxiously waiting for the soda dive. 

Chelsea and Luke watching as the sodas are getting thrown in. 

All the kids and their "Goods."

Marky and Kate looking at their

We are so grateful that Steve could be with us this year.  Last year, he missed all the festivities as he was in business meetings the whole day.  We missed him so much.  Apparently, Europe does not recognize the 4th of July as a holiday. 

The Relay Race. 

Last year, the boys had a t-shirt malfunction.  We were trying to avoid the same fate. 

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