Father's Day

I am so lucky to be able to celebrate how great my Father is on Father's Day. 

And doubly lucky that my kids also get to celebrate how wonderful their 
father and grandfather are for Father's Day. 

Marky was so excited to give Steve his card he made at preschool. 

Love the anticipation of Marky.   

The kids each took a turn giving Steve their special gems of cards.  They had each wrote such thoughtful things.  Chelsea even wrote a poem for the occassion.   

Steve sets such a great example for our children. 

Aunt Kaye came to celebrate. 

Friends for 50 years. 

Had a nice backyard BBQ and then a photo op. 

We missed Wyatt and Craig, they were preparing for a 50 mile hike to Yosemite.

As we get older, we understand more and more all the sacrifices that our parents made for us.   We appreciate all the lessons taught to us and we find that we parent similar to how our parents parented us.  So grateful to my parents and grandparents for their great examples.

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