Chelsea's 10th Birthday

Our precious girl turned 10. 

After her birthday party, we had some family time to celebrate Chelsea's ten years.  Her dinner of choice was sushi. 

A little volleyball after dinner.

Ten reasons we absolutely ADORE Chelsea
1.  She writes the best notes to her family. 
2.  She is willing to work hard to accomplish her goals.
3.  According to Marky, "Chelsea is the best big sister."
4.  She always runs to the door and greets Steve with a big hug and kiss.
5.  She is a gifted lyric writer and poet. 
6.  Chelsea is a fast runner and strong bike rider.
7.  She chooses amazing sweet girls as friends.
8.  She has so many interests:  tennis, Irish Dancing, piano, running, swimming
9.  Chelsea shows good intuition in certain situations.
10.  Chelsea has a very sweet smile and smiles a lot.

 Love this sweet girl!

Chelsea begins to open presents. 

You can see that Matt was thrilled beyond words to watch Chelsea open her presents. 

Stevie was a little better (or at least for the picture).

Chelsea is very excited about Matt's present.  He gave her a coupon to ride in the "Red Rocket" and get ice-cream. 
Chelsea excitedly opening her last present. 

A cozy blanket.  Nothing better to snuggle up in. 

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