Palm Sunday- My Favorite Sunday

Palm Sunday is my favorite Sunday.  I love seeing all four kids walking down the aisle to the music carrying the Palm Leaves. 
Love the joy seen in Chelsea's face.  Love this sweet girl.
 During the first service, Stevie helped the young kids with their palms go down the aisle.  Stevie then sang in the youth choir for the second service. 
 Steve always goes early to save me seats.  I love to be in the very front in the aisle to see all me kids come down the aisle.
Marky's precious face. 
Marky was so serious about carrying his Palms. 
 Stevie and Matt sang in the second service.  The youth all walked down the aisle singing and carrying the Palms.  Love this picture of Stevie. 
Matt, of course, hides behind the  Palm so I can not get a good look at him. 
 Thanks Peter for looking at the camera. 
Just had to include the picture of Carol.  This picture sums up how special Palm Sunday is.  She led the youth down the aisle. 

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