Hiking with Marky

I have been clearing my schedule, saying No to alot of things, and making time to go on outings with Marky.  The reality that he will be in school and we will not be able to hang out during the day makes me sad.  So taking every opportunity to enjoy my sweet Marky. 
 We have been going on a lot of outings including hikes at Rancho.  

Marky  takes his bike and rides carefree on the paths at Rancho.  Marky is an amazing biker (like his father).

Love that we live so close to Rancho.  It is so beautiful there.  We love to hike and be able to get away from all the chaos of our lives.

We stop to look at the wildlife.  Marky loved watching this Bluejay for awhile.

I get to get a good aerobic workout keeping up with Marky on his bike.

On one of our hikes, Steve joined us - such a special treat.  He had just flown in from being gone on all week.   

We stopped off at the farm and read about all the animals.

Marky was so happy to spend the afternoon with both his parents. 

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