San Francisco

A few weekends ago, we went to San Francisco for a concert and party.  We were celebrating Alice's promotion.
It all began with a pre-party.  Steve and I thought the pre-party was right by the hotel.  It wasn't.  We walked anyway (a long ways).  Everyone else took cabs.  Nice night to be out in the City.

So fun to be with Steve.  Our hotel room was the old-fashioned typical small San Francisco room.  I have never been in such a small room before. 

Some dressed in the 80's theme. 

Jeff's pants were the hit.
At the TAINTED LOVE concert.  We were in the front row acting like groupies again.  So fun. 

We had such a great time with friends.  I think everyone was laughing (and singing) the whole night.

The "Heavenly Girls" were visiting.  Of course, you need to have your wife take a picture of you posing with these girls.

Celebrating Alice's special night.

The next morning, Steve and I walked all over the city.  IT was such a beautiful morning.

Got a great workout walking up and down all the hills.

Top of the Mark.  This is where we had a brunch after our honeymoon.

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