Dubai Part 3- Desert

Our last night in Dubia was spent in the desert.  We had an entourage of Range Rovers driving us through the sand dunes.  Note to self:  Whenever you get in a car with a roll bar, be prepared for extreme driving.  I was a little sick when we made our first stop. 
camels in dubai

The first stop on our adventure was to watch the sun set.  
  Beautiful evening with the sun setting in the background.

Moments before the sun set. 

Champagne toast (and a chance to recover from riding on the sand dunes). 
Camel rides look much more glamorous than they are.  Sitting on a camel while it is getting up and down is very scary.   Hard to believe that people travel across the desert on one of these.

Visiting a fortune teller. She told me that a move to a new house in the same city might be in my future.   I was thinking, "Hmmm, have you seen my new kitchen?  I am not going anywhere."  
All in fun. 

Fortune Tellers are so not Steve's thing, but I asked him to go so we could compare notes.  He was with  the fortune teller for an hour!  We were all joking that he was getting revenue forecasts for the upcoming year. 
Having a great dinner.

Hookah bar area being set up. 

The "A Team" dancers.  They were spectacular. 

Random pictures of our trip:

Some interesting entertainment one of the nights.
At dinner outside.

More pictures of the "Gold to Go" vending machine at the mall.  When you want gold fast, you can just push a few buttons and get an ounce of gold. 

Table shot at one of our dinners.

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