Dubai Part 1

As I review the pictures from our amazing trip, I realize that this might take a few posts.  I will start with a few snapshots from our trip to Dubai. 
The hotel Burj Al Arab (Sail Hotel) is built right on the water. 

Our hotel Jumeirah.  Looks like a castle that has been there for hundreds of years. 
Medinat Jumeirah
Had to take abras around the hotel.
Image of Mina A Salam Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

View from the balcony of a restaurant.
Image of Mina A Salam Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai
One of the pools at the hotel.

The beautiful desert. Fascinating that this city is in the middle of the desert.

The flag of the UAE.  Just as I was taking the picture of flag and building, a woman came around the corner.  One of the few Arab women we saw during the day.
 On top of this tower are the speakers to call people to prayer.

Pictures of the Sheik everywhere.  

Crossing the "creek" on abras (water taxis).
In the Gold Souk
gold center

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