A Little Heaven on Earth

Steve and I had a weekend away in Monterey/Carmel.  It was so nice to get away for the weekend.  Think it was the perfect way to begin the new year.  We were able to unwind after a busy December,  reconnect and begin the New Year.   I hope this can be a new tradition.
community contributed artwork

Steve and I at Knuckles Sportsbar in Monterey.  We watched a nail biting finish to the 49er game.  They won, but whew, it was scary for the last few seconds. 

We watched the sunset as we walked around the golf course at night. 

Not the best picture, but the trees and the sun setting were  so beautiful. 
We went on a hike.  So beautiful to be on  the coast. 
Love my sweet husband!

Such a beautiful day to go hiking!!  Point Lobos is one of our favorite place.

We LOVE to watch the seals.  This time we learned the difference between Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, and Otters.  It was so interesting to learn from the docent about these amazing animals. 
community contributed artwork

community contributed artwork

I did not have my camera on my last morning.  I sat and watched the sun rise.  It was so beautiful to see the sun come up over the golf course.  Wish I had a camera to capture the beauty. It was amazing to have a few moments filled with peace and beauty to begin my day. 

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