Matt and his Cars

Who knew that this cute, little boy in the red car,

would grow into this cute, big boy in the red car.

My heart hurts as I see this boy in the red car pulling away.

We are all thrilled for Matt that he got his license.  We were waiting for 50 minutes in the mini-van slowly inching our way up to take his driving test.  As soon as we were in the front of the line, the car died.  What are the chances of that???  Matt had to push  the van out of the line and over to the side.  We quickly called Grandpa who rushed to the DMV.  Matt took his driving test in the YUKON.  He had not practiced too much in that large car.   Matt, was of course, easy going about the whole situation.  He is good about not letting things get to him.  He calmly got in the YUKON with the instructor and took off (and passed).  YEAH!!!!

So grateful for a cautious, responsible son.  He is setting such a great example for his siblings.
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Mother Daughter Book Club- No Damsel in Distress

For January, our selection was No Damsel in Distress (World folktales for Strong Girls).
Amazon:  Jane Yolen has struck in the gold yet again with this collection of folktales starring clever, brave, daring, courageous women from all over the world.

We read "The Samurai Maiden," a Japanese folktale for our book club.  Chelsea really enjoyed the other folktales from around the world in the book. 
Yoomi led us in a sushi making activity.  It was amazingly fun.

The favors were bottles of Propel with a quote.  The girl in the story "propelled" herself off a cliff to save her father.  She showed great courage. 

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The Tale of Two Teams

Stevie was on two basketball teams this year.  One for NJB and his school team.  We have had a very busy last few months with two basketball teams and lacrosse season overlapping.  When the school team's season ended a little early because they did not make playoffs, we were very relieved. 

The basket that Stevie made during the game.

Graham's Team

Doesn't get much better than playing with your best friend.

 Not an easy season for these guys, glad they still had a good time.

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Happy Birthday Marky Pt 2

Marky's birthday celebration takes a couple of posts.  Marky invited a few friends over for a pirate party.  WE decorated the house and garage (In case of rain) the night before.  The theme of choice was Pirates.  I think Matt and Stevie also had a pirate themed 5th birthday. 

Decorating for birthdays becomes a family affair.  Everyone helps decorate for the birthday person.   Stevie wrote on the island, "We Love Marky." 

Getting ready for Birthday breakfast of sausages, eggs, and "favorite toast."

Will, Andrew, Jack, and Marky stopping for a moment for a picture.

 Sam and Sami just thought they were stopping by to get a snack, they didn't realize that they were now "Birthday Activity Coordinators."

Chelsea was in charge of the pirate tattoo station.

The older boys running the parachute games.

The kids LOVED playing with the balls and parachute.

LOVE Marky's expression!

Pirate cupcakes, popcorn, and jello squares.  Perfectly balanced snack.

Cute kids waiting to go on their treasure hunt. 
Love the expression of Marky and Kasey.  They are doing pirate impressions, "Yo Ho Matey."
Khloe and Kendyll such cute friends.

The night ended with Marky eating his dinner of choice: spaghetti!

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