Nutcracker 2011

Chelsea and five of her friends were in the Nutcracker again this year. 

They were casted as the Arabian Night girls.  I am so amazed of the talents of the director of the show. How she can put together an amazing performance and make each of these sweet children feel so special is amazing. 

The month of December was very hectic with all the rehearsals and performances.  Chelsea LOVED being in this performance.

My beautiful mother and Chelsea.
Aunt Kaye coming sure made Chelsea feel special too. 

Even Chelsea's teacher, Ms. Luongo, came to watch.  What an amazing teacher that would spend her Sunday afternoon to watch the students in her class perform.  She made these girls feel SOOOO special. Ms. Luongo is an amazing teacher.  She is so positive all the time. 
All of Chelsea's brothers came.  They enjoyed watching even though the older brothers were texting me during the entire performance.  Marky, of course, was mesmerized by the performance.

My beautiful, sweet girl.

Aaaah, Cute Kate.  Grandma brought sweet Kate to watch the play.  She would always ask me which dancers were coming out next.  I would tell her the next act and she would announce the upcoming dancers with such excitement  to everyone.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  My favorite was when she announced the Snow Queen.  She was so excited to see the Snow Queen.     I LOVE spending time with Kate.  Chelsea and I love her so much.  Kate is the cutest, sweetest girl ever. 

Kate with the Sugar Plum Queen.  I thought Kate was going to pass out when I asked the Sugar Plum Queen to take a picture with Kate.  Kate was beside herself with excitement.  Kate is the sweetest.  Wish we could see her everyday. 

Chelsea and her very sweet friend Laynie.

After the performance, finally getting the move down. 

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