Christmas Season

We are in the midst of this amazing Christmas season.  I love the week before Christmas when the kids are out of school.  It is my favorite time of the year.  The first two weeks of December were extremely hectic.  Trying to recover from surgery, regular activities, concerts, Nutcracker, school projects, appointments, and physical therapy had me more busy than I had planned.  We usually have three trees decorated in the house, this year we just got the family tree decorated.  I don't think anyone notcied the missing trees.  

So grateful to make it through all of that so we can enjoy more of this:

Drinking hot chocolate with Irish Dancing friend Linzy.

Gingerbread House at the Fairmont.  (Chelsea is looking a little "teenagerish" in this picture).

Watching Kate's dance performance at Christmas in the Park

Seeing good friends in San Francisco, Mike and Annie Fratesi.

Seeing Christmas lights throughout the city.  Side note:  This trip motivated me to order a parenting book on Amazon as soon as we got home.  More on that in an another post. 

Making yummy cookies and candy.  Love that Chelsea is old enough to do a lot of the baking now!!!

Chelsea making ornaments to share with her friends.

Love when we have days that we can stay in our p.j.s and read Christmas stories.   Even sweeter, when Marky has a day that he can be "cozy" in his jammies. 

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