Forced Slow Down

I had knee surgery this month (extensive tear in my meniscus, large cyst in the back of my knee, and strained ligaments).  Which is why things are a little bit slower on the blog.  I am grateful to the many people who helped me.  Sheila, Heather, Cyndi, and Alice provided our family with delicious food.  It was such a relief to not worry about dinners.  Tracy, Melissa, Matt, Kim for helping me with Marky.  Angela for giving me some great reading material.  Stacee and my parents for driving. Our family is truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

  I wanted to take photos that showed my "nest" on the sofa, but that would not be so flattering.  I lived downstairs on the couch for 4 days.  Stevie thought it was an early Christmas present,  since I could not go upstairs,  he didn't need to clean his room.  

  I thought this picture of Steve doing the "housework" summed up the experience.

Hmmmm, I wonder what Steve is thinking as he is unloading the dishwasher (he could have had the kids do it since it is their job).  Maybe he was enjoying the task so much. 

I used the crutches for two days.  They caused my arms to hurt more than my knee.  I abandoned the crutches for hobbling around the house.  I am now almost two weeks out from surgery and able to move quickly.  Still in pain at times, but doing my PT exercises and icing.  Sometimes a "forced slow down" comes at the right time.  I enjoyed reading to Marky and not thinking about what I needed to do next, listening to the kids without hurrying them or moving too fast through my day.  I will say, I can't wait to really start exercising again!  In all my "free" time, I found a new workout and diet routine. 
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No Training Wheels

The Big Day (in September) had finally arrived!  The training wheels came off. 

Poor Marky had to wait a little longer than he wanted to take the training wheels off. We were so busy all summer. We thought it would take him awhile to get going.  Little did we know, that Marky would just take off and go.

  No falling, no practice, no nothing. Got the speed, steering, braking, and starting and stopping very first time.  I think the balance bike helped him. 
Sorry Marky we did not do this sooner!!! 

Here is a video of Marky's Big Day:


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The Lemonade Stand that Could

Chelsea was very touched by the suffering Japanese people when the the country was devastated by  Tsunami.  We had 2 exchange students from Japan that stayed with us two years ago.  Not sure if this impacted her decision, but she decided to have a lemonade stand to raise money for Japan Tsunami victims.  Love this Sweet Girl!!!!!

Sweet girl sold lemonade and chocolate chip cookies.  She made $82 in a couple of hours.  Our neighborhood was so generous.  Chelsea happily donated all the money to the Red Cross relief efforts to Japan.  Our church even made a video about kids living the gospel and Chelsea was featured.


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Happenings in October

Sampling of some of our October Happenings

Riding Tandem to School

Seeing College Friends

Making Washer Toss for the School Silent Auction

 Cute picture of friends!!  Both #4s in their family.

Making Caramel Apples

Record Temps in October- Enjoying a dinner outside.

Fun Halloween Decorations.

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"Dad, I Love You So Much."

Steve went to Cannes, France for a week on a business trip.  This is what greeted him when he pulled in the driveway.  A sign from Sweet Marky.
"Dad, I Love You So Much."

Marky is the sweetest boy.  He is always making us cards and pictures that shows his family.  He misses Steve so much when Steve is on a business trip.  Marky made this sign all by himself without anyone saying anything.  I LOVE little kids writing.  I absolutely treasure everything they write when they are  young. 
Steve reads to Marky every night before going to bed and does the whole bedtime routine.   So grateful for a sweet boy who simply LOVES his father.   Steve is an amazing Father who has an amazing son. 
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Halloween 2011

Halloween  2011

Boys looked great.  The pictures that I did not get was when Matt changed into his hockey jersey and went Trick-or Treating with his hockey buddies.  It was amazing to watch these huge boys go around on skates.  They were so fast.  They were a blur as they passedpeople on the street.

Chelsea and Kate

Uncle Craig sneaking in the picture. 

Craig and Kate

Chelsea and Megan George

All the cousins together


Not sure what they were trying to do here, but I am sure something important.

Marky on the run.

Love that he is checking his loot.

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Marky's Pumpkin Party

Marky really wanted a Halloween Party.  He named his Halloween Party, "Pumpkin Party."  At the last minute (like the night before and morning of), we decided to invite our neighbors over for a party.  Love that all these sweet kids will be going to Kindergarten together.

Stevie wanted to be in charge of all the games.  He did such a great job entertaining the children.  Sure makes throwing a party easy when the older siblings plan the activities.   

Stevie gave them either a pumpkin or ghost and had them run relay races.

Marky running with all his might for the Pumpkin Team.

Chelsea and Stevie leading the kids in Halloween Bingo.

Cheetos, Orange Jello Squares, and Dirt Pudding Cups for a snack.

Marky is not a fan of pudding cups because it is too messy, but had thirds on the Cheetos.

Spiderman and Captain America discussing saving the world.

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Mother Daughter Book Club: Monet and Scones

Martinelli's and Monet

Our book for the month was "Little Monet."

It is a quick read that shows some of Monet's popular works of art and tells his life story.  It was nice change of pace to study aan artist.  We then got to be artists.  We learned about some of the Impressionists techniques and painted ourselves. 

It was a fun afternoon.

For our Mother Daughter Book Club we enjoyed a Parisian lunch of:
Salami, Cheese and Baguette
Sparkling Drink
Fruit Salad

The Favors:  Martinelli's and Monet

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