Journey Concert

For Matt's birthday, we took him and a couple of his friends to see Journey, Nightranger and Foreigner.  It was so much fun.  I thought this was Matt's first concert, so I was telling everyone that we were taking Matt to his first concert.  Matt then reminded me that we had taken him to see Journey three years ago.  So much for having a good memory. 
Nate and Nico surprising Matt (and painfully posing for pictures).
Pizza before we go.

Getting bikes ready to bike to Shoreline.

Trying to find out the "legal" age to ride without helmets.

Probably not getting the "Mother of the Year" award for this one.  Biking without helmets in the dark.   Though, it made for a quick get-away.
Met Hitesh and Mona on the lawn.  We enjoyed the people watching-  The best was people who are still stuck in the 80's.  

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