Happy Birthday Matt

This year for Matt, we went to the Journey concert with two of his friends.  On October 27th, we had a more simple celebration.  Grandma and Grandpa came up for dinner.  Matt's choice was BBQ beef sandwiches and of course homemade chocolate cake. 

17 Years with this wonderful young man!!


Seventeen Reasons why we LOVE Matt!!!

He is truly happy for his siblings successes.
Matt enjoys spending time and developing his relationships with his Aunts and Uncles.
He Loves going to Church.
He loves being busy.
Matt likes to save money.
Matt likes to wear his hair short so I can see his beautiful blue eyes.
Matt has a great smile.
He is fiercly loyal and devoted to his grandparents.
He is easy-going about life.
Matt transitions from his life in Las Vegas to his life in Mountain View seamlessly.
Matt balances A LOT of extra-curricular activities at once.
He compliments the cook and he always has second helpings.
Found his passion of coaching children.
His sisters in Las Vegas call him "Super Big Brother."
Matt likes to try new things.
He does his own laundry.
He tries his best at the sports he plays.

Marky telling Matt how he decorated the infamous chocolate cake.

The Big First Bite by the Birthday Boy! Everyone is waiting patiently till Matt takes the first bite.

 Marky explaining his picture and how he put eyelashes on everyone's face.

It was the cutest birthday card.  Marky loves to draw pictures of his family. 

Nebraska championship ball from Grandma and Grandpa.

Stevie blindfolded Matt for his BIG birthday present. 
A look of surprise!!!

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