"Ghouls" Halloween Party

We had a "Ghouls" Halloween Party for Chelsea and 15 of her friends.  All the girls walked home from school together and changed into their costumes.  It was cute to watch the girls all helping each other with their makeup and hair.  We had a rare occurence of rain in the Bay Area during the entire party, so I was unable to put my decorations up outside.  The garage had to suffice as our party area. 
The girls then went to different area to do some crafts. 

We thought it would be fun to start "Booing" in our neighborhood.  If 15 girls do this to 15 families, we will really be bringing Halloween cheer to the neighborhood.

Thanks to Skip to My Lou for this idea.  I changed the poem a little bit.  Wasn't a fan of any of the poems that I had seen out there so adapted one to fit  our needs.  The idea is the same and they really turned out cute.

Some pumpkin brew.  The girls tried to guess all the ingredients.

Thanks to Living Locurto for Halloween M&M Cookies. 

The Mummies came from One Charming Party.

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  1. Love the Halloween party! I wish I could squeeze something like this into my schedule, but school seems to take over all of my extra time. Sigh