Having to Let Go too Soon

I have heard many parents talk about the teenage years and their feelings about having an "Empty Nest."    I really thought I was a few years away from experiencing those emotions since  Matt is only  a junior in high school. What I wasn't prepared for the reality that at age 16, he has left us in many ways already. 

This summer he was so busy with his musical and sports, we hardly saw him. It seemed I kept waiting to plan family activities because Matt always had a prior commitment. As I look through our pictures of Summer, he is hardly in any of them. This makes me sad. Then I begin to think about all the amazing activities he has been busy with throughout the year. He has many talents and interests and his activities show that.  

Matt- Thank you for having the courage to try new things. Thank you for sharing your talents with others. Thank you for taking advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that are presented to you. Thank you for setting such a great example for your siblings (all 6 of them).  So grateful that you can simply Enjoy Life!!!

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