Kids Helping Kids Concert

The Sunday evening before school started, we had a "Kids Helping Kids" concert.  The girls from the book club helped to sponsor the event.  We featured the talents of the neighborhood kids.

The girls from the Book Club decorated the stage and made a donation box. We chose to raise money to give a Christmas party to orphans in Bulgaria. The name of the organization is One Heart Bulgaria.

Here are all the girls decorating and setting up.  A little help from Stevie and Big Steve.

 This is one of those things that I was not sure how it would go over and who would come.  We had about 15 families come over with their lawn chairs and watch the exciting show. 

Matt did a fantastic job as the M.C. for the evening.

  The families were so generous, we raised $362!!!  Enough for 6 Christmas Parties!!!  Here are all the children that participated in the evening.

  It was a perfect California evening.

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  1. Joilene,

    I just finally saw this blog post and wanted to personally thank you and your family and all those who participated in this fundraiser that you organized. I'm so impressed! I know it is a lot of work to pull something like this off. I have 5 kids and it is a lot of work just to do the every day stuff, let alone organize a talent show. My heart is touched. Again, thank you!

    Blessings to you and yours,
    Deborah Gardner
    One Heart Bulgaria, President