How many things do I Love about Tahoe. . . Let me count.

There are so many things we LOVE about Tahoe.  It is so beautiful in the Summer!  We feel so lucky to only be a 4-5 hour drive away.  Here are some of the things we love about Tahoe:

Posing- so your mother can take a picture.  Then posing again because someone closed their eyes.
 Hiking Together- it is so beautiful there!!!!!

Spending day and night with your best friends!!!
 Playing football on the green.
 Celebrating Steve's Birthday.
 Playing in the magnificent blue water.

 Bird Watching. Marky was mesmerized  by the older boy, the phone, and especially how Angry the Birds were. 
 Good Friend Time.

Going down the Truckee River is a highlight of our trip.  I love being in the boat with Chelsea.  We laugh so hard when we go to close to the edge of the river and can't get back.  We always say "Girl Power" before we get down and of course all the boys make fun of us. 

Good Family Time- Nice to be somewhere that EVERYONE can have a great time.

Love going to the Hyatt with Steve!

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