Summer Happenings Jun - July 2011

Random selection of some of our Summer Activities
June - July 2011
Giants v. Cincinnati game with Stevie and Wyatt (reward for good grades).  Steve was happy because the Reds won.  We gave him a Giants shirt for Father's Day the following week.

Bonafonte Gardens Campout with Steve, Chelsea and Marky  Every year Bonafonte puts on a Father's Day campout.  Steve took the two younger kids.

Stevie was off to his first Boy Scout Camp. 

Had to be at the bus at 6:00 a.m.  Steve wishing he could go.
We should have taken a picture of Stevie when he got home.  He was so DIRTY.  I mean he was covered in dirt.  This is our conversation about his hygiene:
"Stevie, did you shower?"
 "I showered more than most kids."
"How many times did you take a shower?"

Learning to Sew

Sleep Overs with Best Friends and Cousins

Learning to Make Jam
Thank you to Judy Rode for helping Chelsea and I to make jam.

Learning to Drive
As you can see, Matt was mortified that we would think this was "picture worthy."

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