A few moments of indulgence. . .

One of my goals this summer, was to slow down and enjoy the moment. So at 7:30 this morning I decided to go back to bed. Ok, I did go to Boot Camp and showered earlier this morning, and then realized the kids were still in their rooms. So, I find myself laying in bed at 7:30 thinking I need to do this more often. This quiet morning will end before it really got started, with the requests for breakfast and various other activities, but for the moment.

I have always envied the moms/families who lay in bed and their children come in and snuggle with them (especially when the kids are in footie pajamas). I am a person who needs to get up before the kids so I can get my "bearings" for the day and also get a workout in. Maybe this morning I will get a snuggle morning.

Here it comes, Marky's request for breakfast (Stevie has convinced him that we got bagels when no one went to the bagel store), Chelsea wants to launch in a big story about a dream she had, and now Chelsea and Marky are fighting over who gets to be closest to me.

My indulgent and snuggle moments are over as I am making my bed.

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