Wax Museum- 3rd Grade

Huff 3rd grade does a wax museum where all the 3rd grade students choose a historical person to impersonate who has impacted the world. Chelsea chose Mary Bickerdyke.  She chose her because she was a nurse during the Civil War and helped a great deal of soldiers.  Chelsea dressed in clothes that I wore in a play when I was her age.  She also wore her great-grandmother's Red Cross pin that she wore during World War 2.

Chelsea telling the audience about Mary Bickerdyke.  She did an amazing job.  I love watching her work so hard on a project and do a tremendous job.  Just love this sweet girl!!!!!

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  1. I love that Chelsea chose a nurse as her historical person. She's such a cool girl. Joilene, can you please put her on a plane and send her my way? :)