Fun Mom

Ok, we all want to be Fun Mom, but in between reminding your children to brush their teeth, sibling fighting, and running around to all their activities, somehow Fun Mom is overpowered by "Get it done Mom." 

I had a rare opportunity to have Stevie all to myself for 24 hours.  This is a very rare occurrence to have only one child.  As he was deciding what activity to do, I said that we could do it all not just choose one activity. He looked at me and said, "Are you trying to be Fun Mom?"
Well, as a matter of fact I am Fun Mom.

We went mini-golf (and I even got a hole in one).  Went swimming with cousins.  Had In-n-Out for dinner and Harry Potter Marathon with milkshakes and popcorn.

With one child I find it much easier to be "Fun Mom."  Need to find a way to be Fun Mom more often and with all the kids in tow.  So grateful Steve and I are blessed to be parents of this precious boy.

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