Chelsea 's 9th Birthday-Night Owl Pajama Party

In April for Chelsea's birthday, Chelsea and I planned a Night Owl Birthday Party.  We saw this idea from Snowy Bliss.  Chelsea and I made 12 themed owls to give to her friends.  It ended up being a lot of work, but really fun to do for Chelsea and her friends.  Thanks to some more experienced moms (Cyndi Treuhaft and Nadine George), they assured me that 10 girls sleeping over was a "good thing."  Actually, it was a lot of fun to have these sweet girls over.

Nine reasons we LOVE Chelsea:
1. She has such a sweet smile and lights up when she sees her family.
2. She calls me my favorite name,  "Mommy."
3. She always helps around the house and cleans better than the boys in the house. (hmmm, may need to give the boys more practice).
4. She tries to understand and help her friends when they may be going through a hard time.
5. She is the best big sister. She dotes on her baby brother and Marky adores her.
6. She always tries to please everyone and do the right thing.
7. She works hard to get all her homework done without anyone checking or reminding her.
8. She prays each night for all the babies in her life (including all her cousins and Mrs. Martincic's baby Claire).
9.  She is the light of our life!!!!

Love you Sweet Girl!!!

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  1. Ok, I can't stand it, there's an aunt on the east coast who really loves this girl! You're the best, Chelsea.