April 2019

a family meet up.

Facetiming with the college boys who could not be there.

Getting a little sun before heading back to school.

Card games in the sun.

A heartfelt goodbye.

Steven doing some work for Grandma.

Grandma riding around the neighborhood.

Apparently, the backpack is important cargo.

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Jewel Singapore Airport

We happened to be in Singapore when The Jewel opened for the first time to the public at the Singapore airport.  

I was able to get a ticket to run over there real quick before our flight home took off.

The Jewel has the largest indoor waterfall.  

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)

1*oPrAYIrREBBR7F758uW-zA.jpeg (1400×1050)

IT was quite the site,  With all the gardens, parks, restaurants and stores.   Every store/restaurant front had massive flower bouquets gifted to them from government, parent companies, industries.  

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Steve going into the water before we realized that they were "poison jelly fish" infested.  

No Filter and no joke. . . this is the view.  

Morning coffee with a view.

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Jumbo Seafood- Singapore

Hard not to like a restaurant that has Jumbo Seafood as its name.  Friends who used to live here took us to this local, Anthony Bourdain type restaurant.

You definitely have to wear a bib for the chili crab.

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Steve and I went to Singapore.  I prepped for the trip by reading the Crazy Rich Asians series.
 It sure did not disappoint in its lavish culture.

We started off our adventure at a party.

We spent a few days walking around Singapore.  

The gardens were extraordinary and truly a site to behold.

Steve and I getting ready for reflexology.

Truly an odd but fantastic suprise.  I had met this woman a few days earlier in Indiana at Moms Weekend.  We had no idea that when we met would be together in Singapore just the next day.  

Kate and I enjoying an evening out.

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