April 2018- from my phone

Mark's turn to perform.

More lacrosse watching.

Dinner out with my fabulous friends.

Chelsea receiving beautiful flowers.  They were left on our doorstep for her.  

Don't have to worry about losing track of Mark.

Spent time on the baseball field.

Funny story. . . Matt was staying in the casita with Rudy while we were in Florida.
He left to go in the main house at 9:30 at night and Rudy jumps right into the bed.  

Rudy does LOVE to be cozy and cuddle.

 Getting ready for the big day in a month.

 Kitchen - Almost Complete

In the midst of the construction mess, the boys putting up an "official" dart board.

Having the day off and going to breakfast with your mom.

Fun evening with my favorite ladies.

Marky doing some sort of demonstration for STEM class.

Afternoon chocolate milk.

The boys are in town.

Matt watching it all.

Dissection Day.   Lets just say that I run in and take pictures real quick.  I can't help on this activity.  

Boys cuddling.

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Orange & White Ball 2018

Our fundraiser for the elementary school.   I did not take too many pictures this year, too busy playing kickball with the boys.  

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Colonial Day

My last Colonial Day for elementary school. 
 The 5th graders dressed up and of course they had green shoes.  

My stations were dress garlands/paper dolls and toy wooden soldiers.

Meanwhile, while we were enjoying Colonia Day, Chelsea as at the DMV!

She stopped by and helped play Colonial games before going back for afternoon classes.  

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Life-changing day for Chelsea (and me)

On her birthday (well actually kids have to wait till the day AFTER their birthday),  Chelsea went to the DMV and got a perfect score on her driving test the very first time.  She is a legit driver.  
Life changing for everyone involved.

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Chelsea's Sweet 16 Birthday Brunch

Another family celebration in the casita because the main house is not done.  We lucked out again this year, as the high school had a late start on Chelsea's birthday.  

 These girls are all so darling.  
So wonderful they would all stop by before school to celebrate Chelsea.

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