March 2018- from my phone

Mark is off to his first Boy Scout campout.
 WE went to a fun party

 with very special people.

Dinner with Grandma

Buying snacks for the casita and the boys.

 A friend's car.  Had to send the picture to the boys to give them some incentive.

Stocking up on Tommy's favorite snack.

The beginning of the science project.  Good thing we were still living in the garage, because this was a messy project. 

 Antics with Rudy

 Another picture of Chelsea in the Finale of Stake Play

Mark nominated for a special scouting award.  

Easy to spot Marky with his green shoes.

 A beautiful sunset.

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Easter festivities and Uncle Sam

Somewhere in this group, Stevie and Chelsea are singing.  Sadly, Marky was on a Boy Scout campout for Palm Sunday.  

Loving Donna's joyous entry on Palm Sunday

Chelsea's too.  Wish the photo was better.

 Stevie and Caden's joyous entry.

A look at the house on 4/1.  Still can't serve a dinner, but absolutely loving the chandeliers.

Uncle Sam came for a visit to do Mom's taxes and watch the NCAA Championship game.

Uncle Craig and boys came up.

Time to prep the Easter eggs.

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Palm Springs- Tennis and Pooltime

Steve and I went to Palm Springs for a few days to enjoy the sun and watch some tennis.

I had some laying out by the pool time scattered in between the tennis matches.

 We went back later that night to watch Venus and Serena.  Quite the experience to watch Serena's return to tennis.

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