January 2018- from my phone

We had a quick trip to Palm Springs for a lacrosse tournament.

NOt that great of a picture, but Chelsea meeting with Miss CEO to go over business plans.

Future business leader in the making.

House Update:  Little did we know that we were still five months out from completion.

I must say that the counters are stunning.

A little selfie brought to you by Chelsea.

When your girlfriend happens to be playing at the same lacrosse tournament.  

Running around Stanford campus.

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Steven's Birthday Party

We had a wonderful evening at The Refuge celebrating Stevie's 18th birthday.

His besties all showed up to celebrate and eat.

We had the most amazing pastrami sandwiches.  

The Refuge is a place that you are guaranteed to leave full.  

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Stevie turns 18!!

This cute, serious baby became an adult today.

We have enjoyed watching him from his first steps. . . 

to becoming a MVP:

 We love the friends you surround yourself with.

We LOVE that you are still willing to go on adventures with your parents.  

Your siblings adore you.

You speak well in public.

You like to cast spells on your sister.

You strive to do your best in school.

You are a good big brother to Marky.

You have no problem getting dirty to get a job done.

 You can find joy and fun playing in the rain.

 You believe in Christmas magic.

We knew you were going to be an engineer, when you built your own street sweeper.

 Stevie does not mind dressing up to study history.

We LOVE that you are brave to jump off a bridge.

You enjoy taking selfies (Kind of).

You look extremely handsome in a tux.

You enjoy traveling and helping your grandmother.

We LOVE being your parents and watching you become...  
You are loved beyond words and you light up our lives.  

Happy Birthday, Stevie!

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Geography Bee 2018

Mark was in the elementary school geography bee.  Mark LOVES geography and looks at his big map mural on his wall.

Matt, as always, stopped by to cheer Mark on.   

So nerve-racking with each question.  Interesting fun fact- a lot of the questions are not about geography, but science.

Chelsea, Marky,  and I celebrated Mark's second place in the school.  We are so proud of him concentrating and studying for the geography bee.

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