Bowl Game

Went to the Foster Farms bowl game USC vs. Stanford. 
Stanford lost, but put a big fight. 

Loving seeing my family stand for the national anthem.

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Christmas Eve

The most magical night of the year.  With our house under constrcution,
we had a bit of a Charlie Brown tree.  

Christmas Eve service is always my favorite service.  So magical.

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Christmas in San Francisco

We spent an evening right in San Francisco proper.

We were all super hungry and happen to walk into the Blue Barn.  Steve and I love to go back to the Marina and reminisce.  The restaurant had the most delicious salads and sandwiches. 

Marky loves his magic shows.  He patiently waited for the start of the show.  

Then his siblings joined him.

we thoroughly enjoyed the hot donuts.  

and the show.

Fun seeing the Fairmont's gingerbread house.

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Lands End- San Francisco

We took day out and hiked around Lands End.

 And this girl loves the ocean.

Such a wonderful age and space that these two are in.  Their whole world opening up for them.  Excited to see what this next year has in store for them.

 These two on the uphill.

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