Hallowen 2017

My favorite superheroes.  

Mark and Kasey getting ready for trick or treating.

At the Halloweed parade.

Mark and Steve doing their annual jack o'lantern making.

This was Mark's award winning pumpkin carving.  Thank you to big sis (pictured in the background who glued on all the popcorn).

All the cousins over to celebrate Matt's Batman themed birthday.

Stevie and Brianna off to a Halloween Party.  Best looking superheroes around.


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October 2017- from my phone

Dinner with our good friends.

Steve helping out on Amazing Race day.  He loved helping out with the geography portion.

More cub  scout camping.

Lunch with Grandma.

We went to the blessing of the animals at our neighborhood church. 
Rudy is the love of our lives and we had his precious soul blessed.

He was much more interested in the 80 year old turtle.

Homecoming dance.  Sadly, (very sadly), Chelsea could not go as she was still recovering from her knee injury.

When I was supposed to measure boys height for basketball evaluations and you realize that you grew two inches as an adult.  #pilates

When Uncle Jason comes into town.

Sophomore lunch- only the mormons could put on such a wonderful monthly lunch.

The house update:

Casita/ guest house is coming along

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Matt's Birthday Post

Matt turned 23 in October and by the time this gets posted he will be 23 1/2.  We are so proud of the amazing man he has become.  

 We love that he is still OK with having a Batman birthday party.

Love that he is ok to have a party in the middle of a construction site. 

Loving all of this crew celebrating Matt at his Batman party.

Matt treasures his Grandma and Grandpa Brim.

and his sweet family.

Matt loves and fully supports his cousins.  One coming home from a mission 

and another leaving.

Not sure what prompted this selfie, but Matt sense of humor is truly a gift.

The most beautiful picture of people I love.  (Yes, I do count Rudy as my baby).

Matt comes out to support his siblings.

Loving my handsome boys.

Matt LOVES spending time with his uncles.

Matt will fight for what he wants (even when he wants to win the Easter egg contest).

Matt celebrating with his beautiful grandma.

He brings Kimberly with him and we LOVE Kimberly.

Not a picture of Matt, but Matt and Kimberly  came to stay with Chelsea the day after her surgery (so I could go out for my birthday).

My four loves.

Likes to play golf.

Still loves to see Santa each year.  This year, he asked Santa for deli meats and cheeses. 

Visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Brim every time he can.

Feeling serious about the Christmas light scavenger hunt.

Likes to add a little sparkle to every party.

Loving this:  Supporting Marky at his geography bee.

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