September 2017- From My Phone

When you come home for lunch with friends to make Kraft macaroni and cheese. 

Senior portraits happened.

When the boys come over to move you, yet again.

Thanks Craig for the work.

Saying goodbye to Sara.

Picture sent by Mark's teacher.

Going to Chipotle on the first day queso was available.

Going to have a meditation shrine when the remodel is over.

Matt and Jason reunited.

Marky with his kinder buddies.  Love the elementary school teams up 5th graders with kinders.

We do not have a kitchen.

5th graders playing

Stevie at urgent care when he called me from upstairs early morning to say he was having incredible chest pain and couldn't breath.  Turns out, he has pneumonia. 

Response from UHAUL.  Apparently, they read my message to Matt that he was the greatest and decided that was meant for them. 
HMMMM, not sure why I took this.  Maybe just to show the meals that can come out of a garage kitchen.

Marky played fall ball.

More pictures of the demolition.

The new family room.

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Birthday Celebration

Matt and Kimberly came over to make homemade pizzas with the kids and stay with Chelsea so we could walk down the street for a dinner party.  

Taking a moment to celebrate our anniversary and birthday month.  We were going to go away but with Stevie getting pneumonia and Chelsea breaking her knee our weekend away involved a walk to a friend's house.  

Birthday kisses from my baby.

Yummy birthday dinner from La Fiesta and in our garage kitchen for the moment.  

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A broken knee

Chelsea had an accident at school during dance class.   She is smiling here at the moment, but this is before her leg completely fell apart (literally) and after a little dose of morphine.

Chelsea dislocated her knee and as the knee displaced she broke off a piece of bone.

She had to be hospitalized.  

Carol came over to pray with her and love her.

Grandma brought some additional after surgery love.  Of course, Rudy had no problem also getting on the bed to give her some love.

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Starfire Again @LAUMC

 Love that these teenagers are singing and talking about social justice.  

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Avila Beach more shenanigans

Golfing was on the agenda.  These guys chose golfing over hiking.

Stevie scrambling at the last minute to find a collared shirt.  Thank you to Jason 
who so kindly helped.

Meanwhile, Mark covering himself at the beach.

On our way to dinner, the pier was covered in sea lions.

It was incredibly windy.

This is the teen table.

Another view of these cute teens.

The younger table.

And the adults.

We even had an engagement on our trip.

Teens Posing

And the adults had to outpose the teenagers.

Campfires at night, make it a perfect beach weekend.

Of course, can't be at the dunes without atving.

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