Turning 21!!!!

Well, this sweet boy (I mean young man) turned a big 21!!!!

21 Reasons We LOVE Matt:

1.  He always gets good haircuts.

2.  Very Patriotic.
3.  He could be the oldest child or the 5th child, he goes with the flow (Except when he is hungry).
4.  He is a lot like his Grandpa.
5.  Doesn't ask for much.
6.  He is tough.

7.  He is handy with tools.
8.  A very good window washer.
9.  Knows good country music.
10.  He adapts to every situation.
11.  Willing to try new things.
12.  He can be frugal (sometimes too much).
13.  He is a safe driver.
14.  He is the coolest chaueffer according to the girls after the Taylor Swift concert.

15.  He is proud to be an Eagle Scout (and reminds us of that continually).
16.  He likes to laugh.
17.  Washes his hands frequently.
18.  Loyal to family.

19.  Insists on calling Steven,  "Stevie."
20.  Great at putting up Christmas lights and decorations.
21.  Disciplined at working out and staying in shape.

Cheers to being 21!
Matt actually came home for his 21st birthday.  
 I bribed him with his favorite chocolate cake.  

 It was October, think I was trying out Christmas decorations.  

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Sweden and Anne-Marie

Steve, my mom, and I went to Stockholm for a few days in October.  

In a candy shop where they make the original candycanes.  
Cutest shop ever.

The candymaker made us fresh candy canes right when we were in the shop.

Really think that Stevie could build this roller coaster.  

Want to build this for my backyard.  Looks like a fabric tent but it is made out of metal.

Got to see my childhood friend Anne-Marie.  

Which was most exciting to spend time with her.  Haven't seen each other since 4th grade.  
Private tour of the government houses.  

This pizza sums up my trip.  Loved seeing Anne-Marie and Stockholm.  

 Relaxing by the fire.  

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Cider and Serve

Cider and Serve

We had Chelsea's school dance team over for a team building event.  

The girls made fleece heart pillows for the JW House.  

Chelsea and I were able to tour the JW House and encourage everyone to tour the JW House and donate time or goods to this special place. 

We keep families together during medical crises by offering a welcoming home close to the hospital and providing a caring and compassionate environment that inspires hope. 

Even Ms. Mueller came to help.  

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