Cousin Time and a Last Visit

Sam and his family came in April to visit grandparents.  

Little did we know how insightful Sam was.  This would be the last time we would be all together.  

We enjoyed some very competitive basketball games.  

Our kids are so blessed to have so many cousins.  

Enjoyed good stories. 

Loved having a baby in the house.  

Watched sporting events.  

Loved our Cousin Time.  

Watched Stevie play lacrosse.  Good thing he wore his red pads so we can find him on the field.  

Played some cousin football games.  

Love this family of mine.  

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13 Reasons We LOVE Chelsea!

13 Reasons We LOVE Chelsea!
1.  She has a warm heart.
2.  She likes to go to church and sing in the choir.  
3.  She is not afraid to work hard at school. 
4.  She has very cute, sweet friends.
5.  She is creative.
6.  She starts listening to Christmas music in September.   
7.  She takes good care of her little brother.
8.  She shows amazing perseverance.  She practices, works hard, and improves.  
9.  She says her prayers every night.
10.  She smiles a lot.
11. She is sensitive to other's needs.
12. She is good to her grandparents.
13.  She is a good babysitter and enjoys spending time with kids.  
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Let Them Eat Cake- Turning 13!

My very sweet daughter turned 13!  Can hardly stand it that she is 13.  She really wanted to have a Paris themed birthday.  We decided to have a "Let Them Eat Cake" birthday in honor of our Paris trip.  

The girls made little "Marie Antionettes."
Paris themed food.

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