In Sonoma.. . .

Since the snow was not great in Tahoe, the kids and I took a roadtrip to visit Matt.

Chelsea was delighted about the balcony.

WE enjoyed snacks by the fire.
 Happy Hour!

Stevie kindly putting gas in the car.  

A Twilight game of basketball.  

We played a few games of pool.  Chelsea and I definitely need to practice.  

A fun morning of go- karting.  

Boats that shoot water.  What could go wrong??????

Just Steven and Marky left in the boats as Chelsea stormed out after they soaked her.  

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Marky turning 7

This Sparkly LOVE BABY turned 7 on Valentine's Day.

Here are 7 reasons we are SO much in love with this BOY. . . 
1.  He is the light of our world.

2.  He has good friends.  Mark and Jack actually get to sit by each other in school.  They somehow are still able to get their work done.  

3.  He is curious about all things.  When he is reading a book, he will take the time to ask the definition of words.  Plus, he looks super cute wearing his glasses.
4.  Daddy still reads to him every night. Marky is enjoying reading the World Atlas and learning about all the countries in the world.
5.  He likes to get "cozy" with his Buddies and Cuddles every chance he can get.
6.  Loves to spend time with his family and especially enjoys taking rides on the scooter with Grandpa.

7.  Marky  is a big basketball, baseball, and 4 square player.
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Star Wars and 7 Boys

For his 7th birthday, Marky really wanted to go to the Star Wars exhibit at the Tech Museum.  
Steve took the boys a couple of months ago and Marky LOVED the exhibit.  

WE took 7 very energetic boys to the Tech Museum for a party.

The boys first came to our house for a quick Star Wars Snack.   

Such a cute age!  

Then we were off maneuvering 7 very energized boys through a parking garage 
and the streets of downtown San Jose.  

to see Darth Vader.

Marky requested cheeseburgers for his birthday dinner.  

Here he is talking on the phone with Grandma and Grandpa.

Love this precious face!!!

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Bungy Jumping in New Zealand

We have been very active in the "Adventure Capital of the World."

Steve jumped off the Kawarau Bridge.

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